Cosmic Spot Session 00

Cosmic Spot Radio will focus on the exploration of electronic music from its origins of punk, post punk, musique concrete, krautrock, psychadelica, industrial, new wave, instrumental hip hop.. through its many mutations of dub, drum and bass, electro, techno, house, lo-fi, ambient, and modern experimental compositions.

Coming this fall to FM and Online radio…

Track lIst:

Space Dimension Controller – Love Quadrant
Skee Mask – Rev 8617
Dj Healer – Planet Lonely
Topdown Dialectic – A3
Boards of Canada – Turquoise Hexagon Sun
LFO – Shove Piggy Shove
DJ Sotofett – 日本行脚スペシャル (Rugged Dub)
DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G – VV (Sleep D Bud Dub)
Photek – T Raenon
Repeats – Lilt-A
iO – Libra (Stasis Remix)