Cosmic Spot 128 – Neud Photo

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Cosmic Spot Episode 128 – Neud Photo
Special gust selector @neudphoto
Originally broadcast on April 19, 2024

NEUD PHOTO aka Nico Nightingale, prolific electro/industrial/wave producer with an extensive discography. A NYC native, now living in Barcelona, Nico Nightingale’s solo project, Neud Photo, boasts a dossier of releases on various labels including EYA/Lonewolf, Bordello a Parigi, Frigio,and Rat Life to name a few, alongside a formidable catalog of additional projects, including Suicide AFTR 7, XEROX, Polymer, Ceci N’est Pas, and Wall $treet. Nico boasts a dossier of releases on various labels and it’s safe to say he’s making waves with his sound. The synth enthusiast travels back and forth between New Beat, Acid, Leftfield and Chicago House with rugged melodies and gloomy basslines alongside some unexpected drops, all together building a relentless essence. Nico is a talented artist with a healthy addiction to hardware serving up another great example of electronic music. His side project, Suicide AFTR 7, has an upcoming EP on EYA Records later this year.