Cosmic Spot 065 – Shroomie (Low Recordings)

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Cosmic Spot Episode 065
Special guest DJ Shroomie (Low Recordings)
Originally broadcast on June 04, 2021

Cosmic Spot on KLBP presents DJ Shroomie of Low Recordings with a special mix that will also accompany a lofi arcade racing simulator called SPECIALSTAGE.IO. Check out the game at links below (hit menu then hit the little tape to hear sounds).

 Evade Robots – Unreleased [LOWLA006] Eli Cash – O.R.C.A [LOWLA003] DJ Shaman – Cerebral HeartWerk – There’s a New Cowboy In Town [LOWLA003] Blo – Consciousness [LOWLA003] Urbanite – True Reflection Rick Wade – Unreleased [Low Recordings] Orthographic Figure – Outside Path Evade Robots – Unreleased [LOWLA006] HeartWerk – Oklahoma Corral [LOWLA003] Hyas – What [LOWLA003] Albin & Nørus – Deep in my Soul [LOWLA003]