Cosmic Spot 036 – Downtempo, IDM, House

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Cosmic Spot Episode 036
All-vinyl DJ mix recorded in the Plum Tree Bunker
Originally broadcast on May 15, 2020


Masters at Work – Blood Vibes
Meat Beat Manifesto – Love Mad
Idjut Boys – Lagatush
Aphex Twin – Pancake Lizard
Squarepusher – Budakhan Mindphone
Funky Porcini – Venus
Dj Vadim – London Mind State
The Orb – Valley
Spacetime Continuum – Simm City
Speedy J – De-Orbit
Interzone Orchestra – Bug in the Bassbin (Street Mix)
MF Doom – Devil’s Shoestring
MF Doom – Black Snake Root
The Dust Brothers – If You Cling to Me I’ll Kong to You

Inverse Cinematics – Someone’s Soul (Dublex Remix)
Inverse Cinematics – Detroit Jazzin (AGFA Remix)
Marko Militano – Rodeo Drive
Induceve – Issimippi
Hakan Lidbo – From Hackney to Caracas
Thomas Crown – Transmission
Idjut Boys – Beatin on Dave
Isolee – Keep on Dancin
Todd Terje – Myggsommer
Tom Dissevelt – Zanzi
Cody Currie
MF Doom – Devil’s Shoestring (Codie Curry Remix)
Codie Currie – Dynamite! (Beer Mix)
Librarian – I Wish We Could Live on the Moon
Dabrye – We’ve Got Commodity [Ghostly]